Wall Mount Grid Tied Solar Home Energy Systems with LifePO4 Battery Backup

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Protect your home or business from power outages


Don’t be left in the dark when you need power the most, with LifePO4 Energy Storage Bank with an inverter, it  will provide continuous uninterrupted power during an outage keeping all of your valuables secure and the freezer cold. Traditional grid-tied systems only operate when the power from the grid is available. Without energy storage, a grid-tied solar system shuts down during a power outage.

Why do I need a backup energy storage system?

In the event of a power outage the backup inverter will automatically turn on to power critical appliances such as your fridge/freezer, lights, well pump, computer, phone and more. When the grid goes down, so does the grid-tied solar power system.  When the grid is available, power produced by your solar system is used by the home or business and excess energy is sent into the utility grid. The combination of solar energy and battery storage works seamlessly to provide power to essential appliances during an outage, working similar to an off-grid system.

All grid tied systems will shut off during a blackout because these systems are required by law to feature an automatic shut-off mechanism. This is known as an Anti-Islanding requirement.  These requirements are in place to protect utility workers working on a local line during a blackout and if your PV solar system was able to send power back into the grid, it will result in workers along the line be electrocuted.

Pre-wired and ready to install

All new Wall Mounted Energy Storage Systems now comes with a complete power centre, pre-wired and tested ready to install. The power management centre is the heart of the system and includes the essential battery-based inverter, capable of providing power from batteries during an outage. Factories assemble and test the inverter with the necessary disconnects and other components required for a safe and code-compliant installation.  These systems truly combine the best of both worlds, offering the independence and peace-of-mind of LifePO4 battery storage combined with the cost-savings of a grid-tied system.

Wall Mount Grid Tied Solar Home Energy Systems with LifePO4 Battery Backup

Things Change; Including Motivations for Using Renewable Energy

There are some people who get into renewable energy because it is a good thing to do. It's good for the planet. The use of renewable energy sources reduces our dependence on expensive, polluting fossil fuels leaving our grandchildren's children a healthier environment.

And then there are the pioneer spirited Australians who mainly want the independence of not relying on the good nature of our energy companies to reduce the cost of grid power. They want the independence from profit-making energy companies, they want independence from a grid-connected, debt-ridden culture that uses more than it needs and leaves large segments of the population in the dark.  But for all of us, once we live with renewable energy, whatever our initial motivations, we begin to see the beauty of the system making us want more. We begin to want the rest of the package, independence and the satisfaction of knowing that when the grid goes down our homes and our business are safely powered.

Grid-tie Power Users are Learning

Although there is an initial cost benefit with the lowering of the electrical bill with a On Grid System, in the long run, that bill is never going away, you will get that bill every quarter for been connected. With a On Grid / Off Grid system, you have the best of both worlds. You can install a small system that will provide unlimited power for the time you expect the grid to be down or a large system that will feed excessive unused power back into the grid. But when the power is down for long periods of time you have your stored energy to keep you going with uninterrupted power for a set number of days not hours.

No matter how much electricity you produce and how well you live within your grid-tied solar power system's capacity, the electric bill never goes to zero! The add-on's keep adding up as they see fit to slug you with additional charges.

Small On Grid or large Off Grid system? It is up to you to decide on what is best for your budget and needs. However let one of our consultants work with you, contact us now by using our free chat services on this site.  It doesn't cost anything to chat and ask question.

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