Solar Panels [Clean Energy Australia Approved]

Approved by the Clean Energy Council for solar PV quality

As the peak body for renewable energy in Australia, the Clean Energy Council has an important role to play in ensuring the quality, safety and reliability of the country's solar PV industry.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of homes and businesses use energy from the sun to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. The conversion of sunlight into electricity takes place in cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals.

Another bonus of small-scale solar is that it generates electricity at the point of demand (i.e. where people live and work). Therefore the correct installation by an accredited instiller is important for you and your community.

The CEC has a solar policy and advocacy and administer a number of schemes designed to maximise product and service standards in the solar PV industry. These include:

  • Solar installer accreditation, which ensures installers and designers have the proper qualifications to install safe, reliable solar systems.
  • The Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct, a voluntary scheme that allows businesses selling solar systems to demonstrate their commitment to industry best practice.
  • Approved product listings. The CEC of Australia maintain a list of solar panels and inverters that meet Australian standards, the minimum requirement for solar products to be sold in Australia. Please note that there are also a range of independent module and inverter rating systems with higher quality and performance standards.

The Clean Energy Council also works closely with the organisations responsible for the safety and regulation of Australia's solar PV industry, including state electrical bodies, the Clean Energy Regulator and Standards Australia.

For more information visit the Solar Accreditation website.