Duty & Taxes

Importing and buying goods from overseas

​Includes information on how to buy over the internet or import goods by post, prohibited and restricted imports and clearing goods.

General information

Import entry costs, valuation, rules of origin, the Australian business number, concessions.

Excise equivalent goods administration

Includes information about imported alcohol, tobacco and fuel.

Importing by post or mail

Includes information on the clearance process for goods imported by post

Importing prohibited and restricted goods

Prohibited and restricted imports, permits, exemptions and exceptions.

Temporary importations

Importing goods for a period of12 months without payment of duty or taxes, securities and carnets.

Labelling requirements

Labelling requirements (commerce marking).

Sending unaccompanied personal belongings

Includes information about importing unaccompanied household and personal items.

Importing motor vehicles

Includes information and guidance on duty and taxes.

Concession schemes

Includes the facilitation and concession schemes we administer.

Paying an invoice to the Department

Paying DutyCalc, ICS and Licensing Invoices and penalties.

Import declarations

Full Import Declaration (FID) Self Assess Clearance (SAC) declaration, Warehouse Declaration

Tariff classification of goods

Classification of goods, Tariff concession system, Tariff concession gazette, Tariff Concession Orders, tariff updates and public advice products.

Duty rates and taxes

Exchange rates, assessment for duty, Goods and services tax (GST) and other taxes and charges.