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Located in China, the company has a number of independent intellectual property/proprietary rights in UPS, Inverters and Communication power supply. Our core team has worked for several years, gaining experience in design, development to ISO9001 quality control certification. 

Leading-edge Technology

GreatPower was the first Asian Inverter supplier awarded the [ A+ ] by China's Photon Laboratory. GreatPower is always focusing on the importance of its technology and reliability by developing advanced solar inverter systems.

GreatPower never stops striving for higher efficiency in inverters. Newly released products tested by Intertek in June 2013 demonstrated a W7 maximum efficiency of 99.06%, far beyond other inverter manufactures.

GreatPower also focus on developing its products as a “Complete Management System” to ensure the maximum energy yield and lowest influence to the grid by intelligently monitoring the PV panel and grid conditions by adjusting its own performance.

Our Factories

GreatPower Energy has specially concentrated production lines. In March 2013, GreatPower Energy opened a fully automatic, smart solar inverter production line. This new factory covers over 2500 providing a 1GW annual capacity increasing the supplying capability to the global market.

Quality Control

This new production line has received Quality Management Certification for ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, reaching a leading level in QA.

 Our Products

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