MICNO Electric Co.

MICNO Electric Co.


Shenzhen MICNO Electric Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech company which specialises in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of electrical drive and industrial automation products.

MICNO is located in the Guangming district of China and has modern professional factory and is listed as a public company of NEEQ since 2016.

MICNO masters the synchronisation, a-synchronisation, current vector control technology, torque control technology and solar pump driving technology.

MICNO are established as a leader in solar pump inverters for products covering 220V, 380V, 460V, 525V, 660V with 0.4kW to 1.6MW power ranges 

MICNO provides high cost performance products and service to customers making them more competitive in the industry. The sales and service network is nationwide in the Australian domestic market

Solar water pumping systems are mainly used for  agricultural and forestry irrigation, livestock drinking water, sewage treatment, scenic fountains,  swimming pools and daily water supply.

  • 1AC 220V pump:
  • 0.4~5.5kW 3AC 220V pump:
  • 0.4~11kW 3AC 380V pump:
  • 0.75~110kW

 How do they work

Solar Pump Inverter's consisting of a solar array, solar pump inverter, AC water pump and a water tank.  The solar array provides power supply to directly to the inverter to operate the pump to pump water from bore's, wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. Solar array's absorb solar radiation and converts it into electric energy providing power supply to the complete system.

Solar pump inverter's convert DC power from the solar array converting it to into AC power, in turn powering the AC Water Pump. In addition, adjusting the output voltage and frequency according to the intensity of the suns radiation in real time providing maximum power to the pump and point tracking of the sun to maximise the use of solar energy. When the suns intensity is low, the pumping system can be switch to over to the grid to maintain the water flow and levels.