Pack of 10 Units - Portable TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 60W to 180W Fortunes Solar

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Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

Pack of 10 Units - TRIPLE - Portable POLY Solar Panel by Fortunes Solar

Minimum Order Size is 10 Units

Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable MONO Panel 60W to 200W

Fortunes Solar Technology have the ultimate portable Poly solar panel for the Australian market. Fortunes Solar Technology have developed this range of Poly panel to the match the highest standard expected in Australia.

Fortunes Solar panels are fully regulated so they will never overcharge your batteries and are delivered ready to 'plug in and collect' renewable energy from the sun. 

Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

The Solar Cells

    • True A-Grade Poly-crystalline Solar Cells deliver high solar efficiency with excellent heat tolerance and a small footprint, giving you the greatest possible power output.

    • Solar Cells come with a full Australian Backed 25-Year Warranty

Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 60W to 1800W

Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

Solar Controller / Regular

  • One of the significant advantages of the Fortunes Solar Panel is the built controller/regulator and panel are waterproof. Meaning you do not need to bring your panel in when it is going to rain.
  • Battery Status & Charge Indication indicates the charge status of your battery in real time.  

  • The regulator can be set to charge your exact battery type with LifePO4, AGM, Calcium and Gel settings. This not only charges your battery in the quickest and most efficient way possible but also extends the life span of the battery by preventing harmful overcharging.

Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200WFortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W


    • Fortunes Solar use super heavy duty twin core double insulated cable to minimise voltage drop.

    • To keep the setup neat and tidy, the cabling runs directly to the inverter/controller which means there is nothing to clip together making setup quick and easy.

      Frame & Structure

      • The panels are encased in a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame with 304 stainless steel fittings; this will prevent rust and stay in great condition for years to come.

      • Fortunes Solar panels are designed to secure the folding legs in place, preventing them from falling over and adding that extra bit of stability required  on hard surfaces.

      • Protective plastic corners avoid damage in transit and also help prevent the panels slipping on hard surfaces. If these chip/crack in the transit process, that means they have done their job and we will be happy to replace them for you.

      • Rubber protective patches are positioned on the back of the panel to prevent the legs from damaging the sensitive rear of the solar cells when the panels are folded. (On cheap panels, the continuous knocking of the legs against the rear of the solar cells destroys panels)

      • The absolute toughest solar panel carry bag available, anywhere! When folded, the panels easily slide into the Fortunes Solar Extra Heavy Duty Carry Bag, which has been designed with tough heavy duty zips, durable vinyl with the strongest stitching available.


      Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200WFortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

        Installation Guide

        Fortunes Solar Panels are essentially plug and play.

        Unpacking and setting up your panel:

        1. Remove your panel from the carry bag.
        2. Unclip the stainless steel latches that hold the panels closed
        3. Fold out the legs (adjusting to achieve desired angle).
        4. Place the panels on a reasonably flat surface facing towards the sun.
        5. Connecting the panel to your 12V batteries:
        6. Included in your panel kit is a small bag with 5m connecting cable and a range of adaptors.
        7. Connect the 5m connecting cable to the solar regulator, which you will find fitted on the back of the panel.

        The cable is complete with an Anderson plug for a 12V connection
        If the Anderson plug is not suitable for your application, you can attach either the Alligator Clip Adapter to the Anderson plug on the end of the connecting cable.

        Once you have selected the desired connection type, go ahead and connect the panel to your battery.
        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W


        You cannot run appliances directly from solar panels. All appliances must be connected to a 12v Battery.

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        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

        Packaging & Shipping

        • Packing: Cartons will be used for all small items.  Wooden crates will be used for large Items.
        • Fortunes Solar delivery time to our shipping agent is 2 to 7 working days after receiving full payment. 

        Fortunes Solar offer 24Hours after service to help solve any problems.

        Guides and After-service Consultancy

           Need an Accessory?
           Products Repair?
           Power Problems to Solve?
           Power Protection Solutions, etc.? 

        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

        Shipping and Delivery

        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

        • Delivery time from China to Australian:
          • Air Express [Door to Door] 2 to 5 days from dispatch.
          • Bulk Air [Heavy Items] Door to Door 5 to 7 days from dispatch.
          • Sea Freight [Large/Heavy Goods] Door to Door 17 to 27 days subject to delivery address.
        • Delivery from port to your nominated address is subject to your location and Postcode in Australia.
          • Capital city's/Metro areas within 24 hours of been cleared by customs.
          • Not metro locations subject to transportation times.

        Payment and Terms:

        To order any products through full payment 100% will be paid in Advance and held in trust by My Renewable Energy secure Payment Gateway. [Shopify]

        • Once payment has been processed and approved the Vendor fees are paid directly to them before assembly and packaging begins.
        • After products have been confirmed ready for delivery, the freight forwarding company will pick your order up directly from the vendor and arrange for delivery to Australia by the method that you select. Large orders will be sent by Bulk Air and Sea Freight to Australia and picked up and delivered by our Agent [Northline] to your nominated address in Australia.

        The remaining funds held will pay for shipping fees, Australian customs duty, Port handling fees, delivery from port to your nominated address and marketing site fees.

        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

        If you require any further information you are free to contact My Renewable Energy by using the contact form located on the main menu.

        Fortunes Solar TRIPLE Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

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