MICNO Electric - KE300A-01 S2 Solar Pump Inverter ~ Single and Three Phase 220 to 240V [0.4kw to 30kw]

MICNO Electric

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MINCO MPPT solar pumping DC / AC inverter

MICNO Electric - KE300A-01 S2 Solar Pump Inverter ~ Single and Three Phase 220 to 240V [0.4kw to 30kw]

MICNO Electric - KE300A-01 S2 Solar Pump Inverter ~ Single and Three Phase 220 to 240V [0.4kw to 30kw]

Solar Pump Inverters are widely used for pumping applications by converting power from your solar powered systems from DC power to AC power to drive a wide range of pump motors.   Solar Pump Inverters are suitable for operating and controlling pumping operations and consists of solar panels, inverter and pump to manage the following uses:

    • Irrigation systems
    • Deep well submersible pumps
    • Water storage/tanks
    • Water treatment plants
    • High flow water pumping
    • Swimming pools
    • Domestic water supply.

How does it work

MICNO KE300 series pumping inverters combine solar power [DC] energy and mains power [AC] energy as and required using an automatic switch to control the two power sources providing an uninterrupted water supply. This means no manual attention is required when DC power is not sufficient to drive the system. MICNO KE300 series pumping inverters on there own can switch over to mains power to keep the pumping system operating when DC power is not sufficient. When the DC power supply is at sufficient charge the  KE300 will switch back over to DC  solar power.

MaximumPower Point Tracking [MPPT] function for solar systems and is designed to get the maximum possible power from photovoltaic devices and in this case solar panels. Solar panels have a complex relationship between solar’s irregular radiation, temperature and total resistance which produces a nonlinear efficiency  output which can be analysed based on the I-V curve. The purpose of the MPPT system is to sample the output of the solar cells and apply the correct resistance, [load] to obtain the maximum power output for all environmental conditions.

The MPPT function will start or stop the pump when water levels reach preset values entered during Instulation and setup.

The KE300-01 series solar inverter has motor drive technology and Max Power Point Tracking to maximise power output from solar modules. It supports both DC and AC power inputs. MaximumPower Point Tracking increases the working efficiency of solar pump inverters and solar panel output by adjusting the output frequency of the inverter based on sunshine energy, insuring that the system is always working at optimum conditions.

When solar power is not available, the controller can be switched to an alternative AC power supply such as a generator or AC mains. The inverter provides fault detection, motor soft start, and speed control as well as plug and play ease of installation. The system is fully automatic making it unnecessary for manual intervention as it will auto-start as per the restart settings. 

A built-in Anti-Dry-Run function prevents the pump from running dry when water levels fall below a predetermined point. This system protects the inverters electrical system and protects the pumping system from running dry and burning pump components and impellers out. The smart control function of the KE300-01 series controls the water levels dynamically using multiple terminals for analog, digital sensors.

MICNO Time Controller

An additional accessory to save on power cost is the MICNO Time Controller. The time controller is used to set the inverter to take power from the grid at nominated times. For example the power in your area may be cheapest between 12:00 midnight and 07:30 am. The Time Controller will switch to mains power at midnight and switch back to solar power at 07:30 in the morning.

MICNO Remote Monitor System’ [RMS]

Because solar pumping system are commonly installed in rural or isolated areas, MICNO have designed LOT [Internet Of Things] system. Now the operator can simply use a GRPS module by connecting the Solar Inverter to the operator’s mobile phone or computer by inserting a sim card into the module to monitor and control using real time Remote Monitor System dedicated app.

Available voltages and applicable motor power ratings:

1. Single phase AC 220V Single Phase Inverter: 0.4KW-5.5KW motor
2. Three Phase AC 220V Three Phase Inverter: 0.4KW-30KW motor
3. Three Phase AC 380V Three Phase Inverter: 0.75KW-200KW motor
4. The available voltages and applicable motor power ratings:
5. Single phase AC 220V Single Phase Inverter: 0.4KW-5.5KW motor
6. Three Phase AC 220V Three Phase Inverter: 0.4KW-30KW motor
7. Three Phase AC 380V Three Phase Inverter: 0.75KW-200KW motor

    MINCO MPPT solar pumping DC / AC inverter

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    MINCO MPPT  Solar Pump Inverter - My Renewable Energy Australia

    MICNO Electric - KE300A-01 S2 Solar Pump Inverter ~ Single and Three Phase 220 to 240V [0.4kw to 30kw] - My Renewable Energy Australia

     Quality Control

    R&D test:Testing the hardware and software performance before production is to ensure that it is working at its design optimisation and produces excellent performance.

    Board test: Is the testing of the performance of every board in our inverters to reduce product defective rate.

    IQC: Is taking strict quality inspection for every income component to ensure all components are quality tested and qualified before use.

    Ageing testing: Is operating all inverters to run status, by putting them in the ageing test house at 50°C for 48 hours, to remove every unqualified inverter.

    Load test: The last and the most important test by adding different loads to the inverters, test their input and output value, to check their working performance. Unqualified products will be removed from the testing team.

    By applying such strict testing process, MICNO ensures every outgoing inverter has passes a quality insurance testing process


    Quality Control

    MICNO inverters have passed comprehensive test process during manufacturing. 


    • Standard export carton box & plywood case  


    Lead time:    1-7 days for small orders, 1-25 days for batch orders.

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