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Portable Car Jump Starter suitable for 12V vehicles. Your HK-A10-10,000mAh comes with builtin outdoor LED lighting & SOS flashing signal.

PowerKey Electronic

  • $662.00

Portable Car Jump Starter suitable for 12V vehicles. Your HK-A10  -  10,000mAh comes with builtin outdoor LED lighting & SOS flashing signal.

Powerkey Portable Car Jump Starters are suitable for  all 12V vehicles providing that security when needed.

Portable Car Jump Starter suitable for 12V vehicles. Your HK-A10-10,000mAh comes with builtin outdoor LED lighting & SOS flashing signal. 

You Can purchase by:

        • Sample: 1 to 4 units.
        • Cartons: 1 to 48 Ctn's [5 units]
        • Pallets:  36 CTNs  [180 units] [1100mm x 1100mm x 1000mm] 

Delivered Door to Door

My Renewable Energy Provides a 2 Year Warranty for all Jump Starters and LifePO4 Generators.  [See Conditions]

Bulk orders are charged at a much lower price's then small orders.

Shipping to Australian from the Factory:

  • Under 45Kg's - Air Express,
  • Up to 300 Kg's Bulk Air
  • Over 300 Kgs Sea Freight.

Buyer has the option to pay for Air Express up to 2000 Kgs if needed.

Portable Car Jump Starter suitable for 12V vehicles

Have you ever had a day when you get into your car and your car just decides not to start because of a flat battery because of cold weather or you left the lights on. There is no one to assist you and its getting dark. What do you do?

Portable13800mAh Car Jump Starter

Well with the New 10,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter  stored in your clove compartment you can solve both issues at the same time. With the HK-A10 -  10,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter you can warn other approaching vehicles that you in-front of them and to slow down.

Portable13800mAh Car Jump Starter

At the same time you connect the Red and Black Jump Start cables on to the vehicle battery and jumpstart the car..

But there is more;


Portable Car Jump Starter suitable for 12V vehicles

You are now going to be late home or for a meeting and you need to contact them to advise them of your situation. Now your mobile phone is flat but that is also looked after by plugging your phone into the HK-A8 quick charger and you make your call.  

What a day.


Portable 13800mAh Car Jump Starter

You won the day with your Portable13800mAh Car Jump Starter 

1. High capacity — 10,000mAh Black LED Jump Starter ;

2. Safe  — with builtin protection board to manage, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit protection etc;

3. Long Durability — once fully charged the jump starter can start the the car engine over 20 times with a peak current of 400A

4. Long cycle life — with lithium polymer cells, the cycle life will be more than 1000  cycles.

5. LED — Outdoor lighting & SOS flashing signal.

6. Fast charge — with a 1A constant charge current, the average charge time is 2.5 hours.

7. Small size & light weight;

8. Broad application — used for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5,  digital products and more.

9. Certificates — CE FCC ROHS, with UL, REACH, MSDS, UN38.3.

Jump Starters are convenient and necessary for those emergency and for outdoors, driving, camping, fishing etc.

 Portable13800mAh Car Jump Starter

Portable13800mAh Car Jump Starter

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