Sumry Power - Hybrid Grid Solar Inverter [500W to 6000W]

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SCI Series Hybrid Solar Inverter


Product Details

Sunray Hybrid Grid Solar Inverter [500W to 6000W]





Sunray Power Big Power Inverter PSW7 Series 1000w to 6000w 12/24/48v Dc to 240v AcSunray Power Big Power Inverter PSW7 Series 1000w to 6000w 12/24/48v Dc to 240v Ac


Sunray Power Big Power Inverter PSW7 Series 1000w to 6000w 12/24/48v Dc to 240v Ac 


1. Professional off grid solar system solution which is a combination of a big power inverter and solar controller

2.Working mode switch automatically

  • AC Grid bypass mode,
  • inverter mode
  • AC charging mode
  • solar charging mode

3. Pure sine wave output which matches wave form of AC grid

  • AC grid mode or invert mode
  • workable  on inductive load

4. Remote control & RS232 communication port

5. Power Saver mode

6. Four stage smart charging; current adjusted automatically

7. DIP switch optional

  • selectable charging voltage for various battery type

8. Manual control input & output breakers

9. AC Grid priority & battery priority working mode are selectable

10. AC grid mode

  1. AC Bypass supplies load when AC is normal
  2. battery invert AC supplies load when AC is off.

11. Battery priority 

  1. Battery invert supplies load when battery get full-charged
  2. AC Bypass supplies load when battery low and in the meantime battery is getting charged from solar controller.
  3. It is than transferred back into battery invert mode when battery gets fully charged.
  4. It makes full use of solar energy and saves electricity


1 years for complete System.

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