Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4 Energy Storage Batteries

Thunder Sky-Winston

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 Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4  Batteries used for Storage of:

      • Solar Energy Storage
      • Wind Energy
      • On and Off Grid Energy Supply
      • UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply 

‘THUNDER SKY-WINSTON’ rare earth lithium power battery. It also provides support to the overall industry with related upstream and downstream knowledge and experience.

 Classified as Class 9 Dangerous Goods

Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4 Energy Storage Batteries

Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4 Energy Storage Batteries

Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4 Energy Storage Batteries

Thunder Sky-WB-YLP LifePO4 Energy Storage Batteries


With the high energy density, high voltage, better performance and a longer cycle life, LifePO4 batteries are also very suitable for the design and development of electric vehicles. Thunder Sky-Winston has developed and constructed a number of large electric vehicles to test and improve the efficiency of LifePO4 batteries for use in commercial and recreational vehicles. The 10,000AH/180A battery is now been used a a power source for conventional submarines around the world.

So if the Governments of the world are moving to use LifePO4 batteries in there conventional Submarines then what are you doing using old outdated battery types.

Place your order now and power your secret weapon 

Certificates:  ISO etc.

Renewable Energy Energy Storage Lithium Phosphate Batteries

Packaging & Shipping

  • Packing: Cartons will be used for all small items.  Wooden crates will be used for large orders.
  • Shipping: Goods will be dispatched within 2 to 3  days after receiving payment. [Subject to order quantity]
  • Deliver time Sea-Freight: 18 to 30 days [subject to your location]

Warranty: 1 Year

Thunder Sky Winston: offer the following guides:

  • Need an Accessory?
  • Products Repair?
  • Power Problems to Solve?
  • Power Protection Solutions, etc.?

Thunder Sky Winston offer 24HoursAfter service to help solve your problems. 

Shipping and Delivery

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Thunder Sky Winston will commence assembly and delivery of your order to out freight handling company in 2 to 3 working days after receiving full payment and packaging ready for shipment. 

  • Delivery from port to your nominated address is subject to your location in Australia.
    • Capital city's/Metro areas within 24 hours of been cleared by customs.
    • Not metro locations subject to transportation times.

Payment and Terms:

To order any products through full payment 100% will be paid in Advance and held in trust by My Renewable Energy secure Payment Gateway.

  • Once payment has been processed and approved the Vendor fees are paid directly before assembly and packaging begins.
  • After products have been confirmed ready for delivery, the freight forwarding company will pick your order up directly from the vendor and arrange for delivery to your nominated address in Australia.

The remaining funds held will pay for shipping fees, Australian customs duty, Port handling fees, delivery from port to your nominated address and marketing site fees.

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